How to Plant Allium

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How to Plant Allium

Allium are bulbous plants with purple blossoms and belong to the same family as onions and garlic. These blossoms can be as big as soccer balls and are held up by long, thin stalks that can reach up to three and a half feet.

How to Plant Allium

Allium bulbs are normally planted to spawn new allium plants. They can either be planted in open fields or in containers such as pots and barrels.

Open fieldsalliums open fields

  • Allium bulbs should be planted deep in the soil, about 3″ deep and spaced 6″ to 8″ apart.
  • They should be planted in well drained soils. The bulbs rot in soggy soils and if the available land is filled with water, it should be raised by adding organic matter before planting allium bulbs.
  • They should also be planted in sun exposed areas because they require a lot of light to grow. They can also grow in light shade but they won’t grow as strong as in full sunny conditions.
  • After planting, they should be watered adequately to ensure they are held firmly by the soil. This watering also starts the rooting process by providing a necessary ingredient for growth.

Containers (Pots and Barrels)

  • These containers should have sufficient drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water logging in the packed container soil.
  • The containers should be filled with fertile, well drained soil.
  • The allium bulbs should be planted up to 3″ deep and spaced 5″ to 6″ apart.
  • The containers should be placed in sun exposed areas for superior growth.
  • The allium bulbs should be watered to kick start the growth process and watered regularly for healthy growth.

Blooming Period

When the allium plants have matured and bloomed, allium blossoms can be cut off and used for beautification purposes. However, the leaves should be left attached to provide more food to the plant through photosynthesis therefore enabling the formation of more blossoms.

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