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Experience The Best of Mexican Cuisine in Milwaukee

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Experience The Best of Mexican Cuisine in Milwaukee

If you’re in Milwaukee and are in dire need of authentic Mexican food, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled of the top ten places with the best Mexican food in Milwaukee that will fulfill your cravings.


1. Café Corazon

This is one of the few Mexican restaurants that offer a large range of options for vegan people. A recommended dish for vegetarians is the Soy Chorizo.


2. Jalapeno Loco Mexican Restaurant

It is conveniently close to the airport. This makes it easier to access if you have a long waiting time between flights or if your flight has gotten delayed, you can easily stop by and have great quality Mexican food.


3. Bel Air Cantina

If you visit the restaurant with a large group of people, they provide you with a separate place instead of trying to cram a large seating of people between the tables, which is amazing for dinner parties or spontaneous get-together of friends and family.


4. El Fuego

They offer great discounts during happy hour and a relaxing environment in which to enjoy authentic Mexican food.


5. Botanas

A great trait about Botanas is that they serve margaritas, not in single servings like conventional restaurants, but in large pitchers. One of their best dishes is the Shrimp Ceviche.


6. La Casa de Alberto Mexican Food

This Mexican restaurant is one of the absolute best Mexican restaurants in the area because its menu has a variety of dishes that can be consumed by vegetarians. It has also been awarded the Certificate of Excellence. Its ratings suggest that it has excellent value for money, unbelievably polite service, and amicable atmosphere and unparalleled quality of food.


7. Riveria Maya

This restaurant serves not just Mexican food but Latin and Spanish food. This place should be on your must-visit list because it serves excellent quality food in a comfortable environment and excellent service. All their menu items have an authentic taste and are undoubtedly delicious.


8. Antigua

They have mouthwatering presentations of their food when serving. They are well known for their perfectly combined drinks and friendly service. The number of servings is reasonable but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.


9. El Senorial Mexican Restaurant

They have plenty of seating arrangements and will not have a waiting line, even at peak dining hours. They have a menu that caters to everyone’s food needs. Their quantity of food serving is enough for multiple people to share, this increases social interaction at the table for a wonderful bonding experience for family or friends.


10. Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant

This is a reasonably priced Mexican restaurant, which is perfect for if you want to go with your spouse and share a meal in a nice, cozy environment. A few recommended dishes are the steak tacos and cheese enchiladas. Their awesome service is unchanging every time you visit.

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Alliums and Their Benefits

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Alliums and Their Benefits

Everyone knows vegetables are good for us. Specialists recommend at least five servings a day, preferably more. But what if we get tired of the stock standard vegetables, of carrots, broccoli, and lettuce? Luckily, there are a couple of different types of vegetables that we can experiment with, and they are all good for our bodies.

What Are Alliums

Alliums are a kind of genus used in just about every kind of cuisine. They don’t usually form the basis of a dish but are often used as a topping or flavor enhancer.garlic onions

Alliums include garlic, leeks, shallots, and onions. These, as we all know, are rich in flavor and in the smell. This is because of an array of sulfur compounds present in their makeup. But why are they good for us?

The Health Benefits of Alliums

The sulfur compounds in Alliums not only give them their taste and smell but come with an array of health benefits. These include cardiovascular protection, lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as anti-clotting compounds.

Also present in Alliums are things called polyphenols, which can assist in anti-inflammation.

These, along with a variety of other benefits, are a good reason to start eating Alliums regularly. There are a number of ways to do so to maximize their health benefits.

The Best Way to Eat Alliums

When chopping onions, leeks, or garlic, it is best to let them rest for a while before adding them to your dish or cooking them. This is because when Alliums’ cells are cut open, enzymes are released. Allowing them some time to react with the sulfur molecules assists in bringing out their benefits.

Chilling onions and other Alliums can also assist in bringing out their benefits and reducing particles they may have picked up.

Eating allium type vegetables often will boost your daily vegetable intake as well as boost your overall health. Seeing as they are so readily includable in a variety of different dishes, it is easy to add them to dinners and lunches for an extra kick of taste and nutrients.

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